Sunshine & Flowers

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Here’s a cheerful afternoon herbal tea… a relaxing, refreshing brew.

Enjoy this tea with friends on a sunny afternoon in the summer garden or on a winter day when you want to remember the joys to come soon.

Method: Place a heaped teaspoonful of mixture into infuser basket or tea ball; add hot water. Let brew for 4 minutes. Remove infuser basket or tea ball. Add a single drop of honey if desired. Stir.

Ingredients: Leaves & stems of tulsi vana, lemon verbena, apple mint, rosemary, leaves of red raspberry, black currant, marigold flowers (tagetes), rosemary.

Darlene Witte
Darlene Witte

Professor of Education, (retired) at Johnson State College in Vermont leads the Green Mountain Writers' Poetry & Performance workshop that meets on Zoom each month on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 7 PM ET. Find out more at

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