Healing Salves & Massage Oils

Healing Salves & Massage Oils by Darlene Witte

My journey and practice began with Inner Listening.

The recipes on this site arose from my own inner listening and private meditation. They are original and intuitive. Please enjoy reading about them. If you wish, use them with my love, and give gratitude and respect to earth and spirit for the gifts they provide us through their grace. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to try making your own custom made graces and gifts.
I begin by articulating my purpose. I engage my own intuitive guidance through reflection. I set my goal, or best intention. I let myself feel present, grounded and focused. I ask myself questions like what do I need right now? Is making this salve (or massage oil) likely to be helpful? Is making this oil the best choice for me now? Is this the right time and place? I wait to feel it out before proceeding. Then I set my goal, or intention and proceed.


Many recipes for salves and massage oils call for infused oils, which I make myself, using organic almond oil infused with healing herbs. Whenever possible, I grow the herbs in my garden, such as St. John’s Wort and calendula. Unfortunately, I can’t produce all of the ingredients (such as almond oil, shea butter, or essential oils. I am unable grow enough of my own arnica, lavender or damascene roses), so I buy those items from reliable organic sources.

Making infused oils is a long process for me. For instructions on making your own infused oils you can check out what I do and visit the many instructional websites.

Once an infused almond oil is ready to use, and after I have engaged in my own process of reflection, setting intention and I have consciously brought a sense of full respect and presence to the task, I add other ingredients. I often use refined shea butter, organic beeswax pellets and so on, following through with the steps outlined in my recipes. Essential oils are added as the last step. I purchase organic essential oils as I cannot make them myself. I find Mountain Rose Herbs (put in website link) to be a reliable source of essential oils.

Safety note: Whenever you make a product to apply to the skin do a simple allergy test, a “skin test” before use. Apply a small amount on a small area on the inside of the wrist and wait 24 hours. If a rash, redness or itchiness results at any time in the 24 hours do not use it any further. This is important to remember for anything you make for yourself, but its even more important if you share your creation with another person. Also, be aware that essential oils are better tolerated by adults than children. The recipes you’ll find on my website are meant for adult use. Significant adjustments have to be made for use with children.

Note: My recipes are based on my own research, experience, intuitive guidance and feedback from friends who’ve used my mixtures. Why can’t you order from me? I never sell anything I make. For me it is not appropriate. It is important for you to check your own intentions before you begin. Visitors to my site are welcome to learn from what I’ve written and enjoy exploring my site. All information is gifted with the best of intentions and is for educational purposes only. I do not promise to cure any disease, but only to offer possible comfort for everyday living.