Misting Bottles

One of the graces I enjoy everyday in my home is misters, or spritzes.

Misting Bottles by Darlene witte

I make these air fresheners which I dispense in spray bottles. Whenever I want to shift the energy in a room into a more positive register or freshen the air after preparing food I use one of these. The base* ingredient I use is tinctures made with rose or lavender flowers and vodka. To this I add small amounts of favorite essential oils. Some examples follow..


Note: Take care. You don’t want your mixture to develop mold or unfriendly bacteria because air fresheners are sprayed into the air you breathe. Begin with bottles that are very clean. The original recipes I share here are based on homemade tinctures that I make myself using vodka and damascene roses and/or vodka and lavender seeds. (In other places online you can explore. Most recipes call for a mixture of distilled water and witch hazel as a base. Do not use plain tap water.)