In the Egyptian Room

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The beautiful priestess lingers, her eyes open,
hands closed. In the quiet

I move toward her, probing the shimmer
that rests in the ancient air,
that touches her comb,
her amulet, her pot.

These ordinary attachments,
I know as she knew them,
just for a breath.

Her presence seeps toward me.
She finds me familiar.

We share memories
of how she and I once loved the beloved,
anchored their souls.
Kept them near.
Held them in place, quiet. In reverence.

The young queen waits. Still.
I turn away to leave her, to leave the moment.

I find Buddha
He catches my eye.
We laugh.

His eyes alive and reaching
a flame beyond memory, his skin golden,

His hands lie open.

(Following a visit to the Boston Fine Arts Museum in June, 2013)

Darlene Witte
Darlene Witte

Professor of Education, (retired) at Johnson State College in Vermont leads the Green Mountain Writers' Poetry & Performance workshop that meets on Zoom each month on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 7 PM ET. Find out more at

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