Winter Stress Relief Salve 2

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Winters are cold in Vermont, and even more so in Alberta.

This is a warming salve meant to comfort sore, achy muscles and chapped hands and feet in cold weather. Use: Apply a thin layer occasionally to hands, feet, elbows, sore shoulders etc. when resting. Rub in thoroughly. Put on warm socks on feet and cotton gloves overnight on hands. Repeat as needed.
Makes 7 cups (14 jars, 4 oz.. each or 28 jars, 2 oz. each.

Method: Combine on stovetop in large deep heavy bottomed pot, low heat: Watch carefully; Mixture is not meant to simmer or boil. Stir gently.

Refined Shea Butter: 2 lbs.
Arnica infused almond oil: 2/3 c.
Rose infused almond oil: 2/3 c.
Beeswax pellets: 1 ¾ c.
Vitamin E oil: 2 Tbsp.
Remove from heat when the beeswax pellets and shea butter melt.

Add the following essential oils; stir gently.

Benzoin 1 Tbsp.
Camphor 1 Tbsp.
Spearmint 2 Tbsp.
Cinnamon 1 tsp.
Clove 1 tsp.

Pour into jars until cooled. Cover with lids. Store in a cool place.

Safety note: Whenever you make a product to apply to the skin do a simple allergy test, a “skin test” before use. Apply a small amount on a small area on the inside of your wrist and wait 24 hours. If a rash, redness or itchiness results at any time in the 24 hours do not use it any further. Doing a skin test is important for anything you make for yourself, but its even more important for anything you share with another person. Also, be aware that essential oils are better tolerated by adults than children. The recipes you’ll find on my website are all meant for adult use. Significant adjustments have to be made for use with children.

Darlene Witte
Darlene Witte

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