Winter Comfort Oil

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For hands and feet…

This makes about 4 cups (32 oz.), that is 8 – 4 oz. dropper bottles. Can also be used in roller bottles.

Suggested Use: Rub into hands and feet while resting in the evenings. Put on comfy socks. Close eyes.

Method: Combine infused oils in quart-sized jar
Arnica infused almond oil 2 c
Rose infused almond oil 4 c
Calendula infused almond oil 1 c

Add Essential Oils to above
Camphor 2 tsp
Peppermint 1 tsp
Clove 1 tsp
Lavender 1 tsp
Sweet Orange 1 tsp
Pink Pepper 1 tsp
Myrrh 30 drops
Frankincense 30 drops

Note: Use diluted 50% or more with a carrier oil such as plain organic almond oil if applying to large areas of the body at one time. Can be used as is, when applying only to smaller areas such as hands, feet, back of neck or shoulders. This oil is especially helpful in relieving stress. Avoid getting in eyes.
Skin test.

Safety note: Whenever you make a product to apply to the skin do a simple allergy test, a “skin test” before use. Apply a small amount on a small area on the inside of your wrist and wait 24 hours. If a rash, redness or itchiness results at any time in the 24 hours do not use it any further. Doing a skin test is important for anything you make for yourself, but its even more important for anything you share with another person. Also, be aware that essential oils are better tolerated by adults than children. The recipes you’ll find on my website are all meant for adult use. Significant adjustments have to be made for use with children.

Note: My recipes are based on my own research, experience, intuitive guidance and feedback from friends who’ve used my mixtures. Why can’t you order from me? I never sell anything I make. For me it is not appropriate. It is important for you to check your own intentions before you begin. Visitors to my site are welcome to learn from what I’ve written and enjoy exploring my site. All information is gifted with the best of intentions and is for educational purposes only. I do not promise to cure any disease, but only to offer possible comfort for everyday living.

Darlene Witte
Darlene Witte

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