Spring Appears! Mist

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At the very beginning of spring, this tincture was like a reward for endurance and it felt like time to begin planning for the next garden in a few more weeks.

Rose tincture 2 cups
Essential Oils (8 drops each)
Sweet Orange

Note: My recipes are based on my own research, experience, intuitive guidance and feedback from friends who’ve used my mixtures. Why can’t you order from me? I never sell anything I make. For me it is not appropriate. It is important for you to check your own intentions before you begin to experiment. Visitors to my site are welcome to learn from what I’ve written and enjoy exploring my ideas. All information is gifted with the best of intentions and is for educational purposes only. I do not promise to cure any disease, but only to offer possible comfort for everyday living.

Darlene Witte
Darlene Witte

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